Our Story

Page, the founder of Memorable Man spent her formative years in Europe where she observed other cultures and was aware that while not all people admired Americans (like she thought they would), they did want to dress like them.  Americans dress with a memorable style that other cultures want to emulate.

You may not have thought of this, but your life, and hence your clothing and accessories break down into three categories: casual, sport and business.  Your shoes, hats, sunglasses and even watches all are designed for one of these three categories.

Some men get it right away.  They don’t wear a sport watch with their business suit, or camo on a date at a Bistro.  Other men just aren’t aware that clothing and accessories break down into these three simple categories and can never seem to pull together a cohesive look.  And so, Memorable Man was born.

Want a business watch, or a sport watch?  Most niche stores lump all their inventory together making it hard to distinguish which category is which.  Memorable Man keeps it all categorized for you.  Want all things casual that will all go together - shop in the Casual sections.  Want a selection of sport watches or sunglasses?  Look in the Sport sections.

There are very few ‘general stores’ for men online.  Now, niche stores that sell just one type of item are common - but make pulling together a top-to-toe look difficult. Hence, Memorable Man where you know that all your casual, sport or business needs will all be met in one place. 

Page realized that your phone cover, computer case, headphones, car and desk accessories - and yes, even your barware and coffee mugs all reflect your style just as much as your pocket square or cuff links.  So, true to a general store, she has included memorable items in those categories as well.

Your style is your own.  It says who you are.  We just want to make it easy for you to shop and pull together your look or your space with confidence.  We make it easy to be a Memorable Man.